Great experience from start to finish. Floating is an underrated type of stress relief. There’s no better place in Pittsburgh than Levity!

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Heal Your Body

Without the pressure of gravity, all of your muscles can fully relax for the first time.


Relax Your Mind

Floating will unwind your mind to refresh and play in a dreamlike theta state.


Feed Your Soul

Without interruptions, you're free to explore your innermost thoughts and dreams.

What is Floating Like?

Wash away the outside world with a luxurious 17″ rainfall shower before stepping into the calming float tank, where over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt has been dissolved in just ten inches of water, greatly increasing density, and allowing you to float like a cork. Even with a relaxed neck the face remains comfortably afloat. Soon the ability to perceive your body dissipates into the warm water.

Eliminating the bombardment of external stimuli, floating transitions your mind to the restful state known as theta. Officially known as sleep stage one, theta has been dubbed the twilight state because of its characteristics: clarity, inspiration, flashes of dreamlike imagery, and feelings of inner peace. Soft music plays signaling the end of your float. Enjoy another shower before dressing and stepping back into the real world.

Levity, a Float Studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

Located in Squirrel Hill, Levity is Pittsburgh’s premier float studio, offering sixty minute sessions of blissful floating. Floating reduces stress levels, increases quality of sleep, and boosts the body’s production of endorphins.

New to floating? We’ve put together a guide to the benefits of isolation tanks as well as answers to frequently asked questions here.

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