Your Value by Ben Lionel Scott

“Let me speak to that person that feels like they lost their worth or their value.” – Jeremy Anderson

Relieving the body from the pressure of gravity does great things for the muscles, bones, and joints.

Time away from the stress of constant processing of incoming stimuli allows the mind to exhale.

When these two components are given time to recover and heal, your soul will recharge.

The state of recovery comes from a balance of the body and mind. An area which can’t be achieved with one of the components constantly overworked.

A study in 2016 stated a typical cell phone user touches their phones 2,617 a day. Top 10% hitting 5,500 times a day (Source).  All those phone glances, and social media scrolls, send our mind down a rabbit hole of uncertainty.

Think of it as every question or thought as an independent tab within your browsing window.

Your body is reacting to every scenario brought up in each of those tabs. You also have multiple windows open too. One for work, relationships, family, dreams, goals, you get it. Those are just the stimulus we welcome into our lives.

Having your phone vibrate with email notifications is a nightmare of a common practice.

Pocket buzzes and just the simple question; did I forget something? Hello anxiety, my old friend.

Our bodies are not designed to withstand the level of stimulus we’re faced with processing.

Ever wake from sleep mid-thought? Mind still running like you hadn’t even fell asleep.

That’s your central nervous system running hot and screaming for a break.

Give yourself time to detox from the digital world to rediscover your value.

Spoken by Jeremy Anderson | Instagram
Edited by Ben Lionel Scott | Instagram
Music by Bruferr Beatz – The End

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