When is the Best Time to Float?

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One of the most frequently asked questions is for the best time to float.

Many guests have fallen in love with starting their day with a float to boost energy, clarity, and optimism. While plenty of others enjoy the benefits of unwinding and easing into a deep, restful night’s sleep with an evening float.

We put together a bit of a breakdown based on our experiences and what guests have shared.

Morning Floats: 8:30am // 10am // 11:30am
These time slots were designed for those who enjoy mornings. Guests who frequent these spots share they enjoy a nice boost in energy, endorphins, and optimism to take on the day. Limiting coffee before these times is difficult, but if you’re able; we’d recommend hitting up Commonplace Coffeehouse or GreenLight Juice for a great morning beverage after your float.

Afternoon Floats: 1pm // 2:30pm // 4pm
If you have a nice evening planned, nothing eases you into the festivities like dissolving the daily stress with a float. These guests enjoy a nice glow to carry into a very nice, relaxed evening. With how delicious food is after a float, we’d suggest hitting up one of the numerous spots in Squirrel Hill for a nice meal after these times.

Night Floats: 5:30pm // 7pm // 8:30pm
One of the largest benefits of floating is the decompression of the central nervous system. Guests routinely reserve these spots to help unwind at the end of the day. A decompressed central nervous system also prepares the body and mind for deep levels of rest. Guests share they get an incredibly restful night’s sleep after these floats.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like some help in finding your very best time to float.

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