Three Reasons People Love Floating (And You Will Too!)


Floating, also known as sensory deprivation, has been providing health benefits to people for over six decades. Countless studies have documented an increase in sleep quality, feel good checmicals in the bloodstream and speeding muscle recovery post-workout.

Overall, floating is one of the best experiences you can give your body and mind.

Honor and Conquer owner, Dion Sekone-Fraser wisely said, “the pod is always the same but everyone’s experience is unique”. Give Episode 19 of Honor & Conquer a listen to hear Dion and Dylan Davis (left) discuss one of their floating experiences.

men at a float studio

Below are three specific reasons people are falling in love with floating.

Escape: Many enter Levity seeking relief from the constant pressure of life; buzzing notifications, emails, texts, messages, responsibilities of work, class, family and friends. With the pods acting as warm and comfortable zero gravity couch forts — while inside the stressors of life gently melt away.

Relaxation: Only after your muscles, bones, and joints experience relief from the constant pressure of gravity do you understand how good your body is designed to feel. Athletes in all fields are using sensory deprivation to speed recovery between workouts and focus their minds for competition. 

The Glow: Floating boosts the body’s supply of magnesium which is used by the brain to create the feel good chemical serotonin. It’s what leaves people feeling happy and giddy after their experience.

pre, during, post float diagram

If you need an hour to unplug from reality to catch your breath …

Want to understand how good your body is designed to feel …

Desire to experience the soft peaceful glow of endorphins …

Just start floating.