The Wanderer by Phil Seth

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Extremely exhausted from a stressful month I couldn?t wait to wash away the negative energy in the rainfall shower.

Like a daydream, I fade into the tank – no longer able to distinguish if I was awake or asleep. Wading in and our of reality, I drift into a dynamic ocean of emotions which rise and crash with each crest and valley.

Again I find myself trying to force the tides to obey my will, but thought, as a friend told me; ?don?t push the river?. These cosmic tides were here before me and will be here long after I’m gone. The more I let go, the calmer the water became, until it was still.

Each breath unravels more layers of consciousness. An icy mountain island bursts forth that quickly sprouts an evergreen forrest with a clandestine flowing river. I carelessly meander about the wilderness until I realize there is music playing.

How long have I been wandering in this forest? As if I’ve traveled countless miles without being conscious of how far I’ve gone, I ask myself; who was driving me?

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