“… and my brain felt clear as a bell.”

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Excerpts from blogger Maria Del Russo’s floating experience:

Soon, I notice the water adjusting to my body temperature – to the point where I almost didn’t feel it anymore. After a few minutes, my legs and arms relaxed, but my brain was still going. How would I describe this experience? Are my toes still there? Do I have any eggs in my fridge?

Thoughts would bubble up in my brain and I’d acknowledge them, but then I’d let them slowly drift away. I do remember thinking that I had no concept of time in there — no idea if I’d been floating for seconds, minutes, or hours. I didn’t know if my eyes were open or closed, and I started hallucinating stars. I’ve never dropped acid, but I assume it’s not far from this.

So when the lights came on and my Disney princess of floatation welcomes me back to Earth, I felt as if I’d just returned from a long journey. I slowly peeled myself out of the pod, feeling stoned out of my mind.

My skin felt incredibly soft and smooth that night, and my brain felt as clear as a bell. Once home, I loaded my hair with conditioner ? just in case ? and drifted into the soundest sleep of my life. And when I woke up, my skin (and hair) felt as silky as a newborn baby’s. It was incredible, and I resolved then and there to try floating again very soon.

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