Enjoy the Benefits of Membership


Sixty minutes of blissful floating.

$49 Join Now


Two sixty minute floats.

$89 Join Now

Why Become a Member?


Feels Good to Belong

It feels good to belong! Join the tribe with exclusive pricing when you become a member.


Improved Well-being

Three months of improved well-being, then month-to-month. No long term commitments.


Increased Benefits

Increase benefits with a regular float schedule and save some moolah with the special pricing.

Questions + Answers

How does this work?

Super easy; sign up and select your membership level. The floats will be on your account ready to schedule at your convenience.

When does it renew?

Memberships renew monthly on your join date. If you would like the date adjusted to a specific date of the month, please email and we'll be happy to set the renewal date.

Can I change plans?

Memberships can be changed after the third month, when they're on a month-to-month renewal. Just let us know ahead of time so we can make the proper adjustments.

Can I share a membership?

You sure can! At LEVITY all of our multiple float bundles and memberships are shareable with friends, family, and loved ones.

Enjoy the Benefits of Membership