Family Values

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The number one request we’ve had is to offer a membership program.

An idea the team has been researching for some time now. Three concerns kept surfacing and produced some surprisingly passionate conversation; (1) minimum commitments, (2) payments for unused services, and (3) limited availability. During this process we found places that actually limit when their members can and cannot float. Telling us it’s because they want people to pay full price for the most desired time slots … *sigh*

Some of the team loved the idea, others hated it, pros and cons were debated, ideas brainstormed, and options explored. With many variables swirling around there was only one place the clarity could be found to make a decision — the float tank.

While floating the concern of choosing a right answer melted away, replaced with wanting to stay true to the values which built this family. Freedom of choice, treating people well, and the recognition of loyalty. These values of Levity were applied to the three concerns raised during the discovery process.

Minimum Commitment: Requiring a time commitment isn’t aligned with the freedom to make decisions for yourself. We want you as a member of the family because you enjoy the experience not because you’re contractually obligated. So there are no minimum commitments to our memberships.

Payments for Unused Services: Schedules don’t line up, can’t scoop a preferred time, or something just comes up and you don’t use your floats. They simply roll over to the next month at no charge. If you’re a gold member and nice about it — we’ll even let you share your rolled over floats. Platinum and Diamond memberships are always shareable and make excellent choice for couples.

Limited Scheduling: Instead of limiting availability, Levity grants members early access to the most wanted float times. Gold members have access before non-members, platinum members before gold, and diamond members have first access to the most desired time slots.

No minimum commitment, ability to bank unused floats, and early access to premium time slots.

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