Interesting by Phil Seth

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Quickly settling, my anxieties dissipated into the calming waters like a packet of Kool Aid.

I envision myself getting out of the tank and walking into the lobby opening the front doors and walking out into the warm sun. I wanted to fly up, up, and away, but decided to jump on my own parked car like a springboard. The entire planet responded like a liquid trampoline and shot me out through the clouds.

I travel rapidly through our system and the next until reaching a funnel of darkness rising through an elevator of spiraling cones. In the distance there seems to be a faint jewel sparkling, as I turn I realize I have been leaving a trail of these same crystal-like stars behind me.

With much amazement, I notice each one reflects the other and then they began to feel like people; reflecting each others beauty. Then like a cosmic connect the dots, glowing threads knit them together – creating a patchwork that reflects like a prism. I feel a deep sense of connection with everything and I return.

When sitting up I noticed myself looking back at myself.


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