Floating: The Five Day Nap

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Matt Sees, a competitive weightlifter, makes an effort to submerge himself in different training strategies that will give him a competitive edge. When a co-worker recommended floatation therapy, Sees took the plunge.

Since January, Sees, 27, has been a regular at Float, a sensory deprivation floatation center in South Jersey. The athlete said floating in a 9-foot-by-6-foot fiberglass tank filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and 93-degree water has improved his sleep enhanced his skeletal system, and boosted his mental acuity, leading him to have peak performances.

“After floating, I feel fresh, like I took a five-day nap” said Sees.

Studies internationally have shown that floating lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and stress, and improves creativity in musicians. Moreover, a 2004 study conducted at the University of Birmingham in England revealed that magnesium, a mineral found in Epsom salt, and which plays a vital role in preventing acute diseases, is absorbed through the skin during floats.

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