Floatcast Episode oo4: Nate Pantalone of Dobra Tea House

Tea guru, world traveler, and owner of Dobra Tea house, Nate Pantalone has created a safe haven for anyone who needs a break from the world. His tea house is routinely named one of the best places for tea in Pittsburgh, a staple in the Squirrel Hill community, and an overall relaxing atmosphere.

Having started drinking and studying tea in his college days, Nate has been a proud student of the culture which has lead to him being a well-rounded tea aficionado. Nate has traveled to several countries specifically to test the tea and decide if it is worth him investing in for his shop. By stopping into Dobra you get a chance to taste the different corners of the world.

In this episode, we discuss how Nate got into tea, how he started his business and what running a business is like, and the many benefits of tea.
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