5 Tips to Get The Most From Your Float

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1. Limit Caffeine: Guests share caffeine causes them difficulty in quieting their mind and prolongs their arrival to a blissful state of relaxation. Caffeine is a stimulant which increases anxiety and tension in the body – two things you’re working on avoiding with a float.

2. ShavingPut your razor away the day of your float. Nicked, cut or even irritated skin can be uncomfortable when it exposed to the high concentration of salt in a float tank.   

3. RestroomRehydrating after a float is important, but be cautious of drinking too much water beforehand. A full bladder is a surefire way to interrupt your serene float session. Always use the facilities before your float session. 

4. Lukewarm Shower: The water in the tank is set to the outside temperature of your skin, our showers get much hotter. Guests find it best to take a lukewarm shower, even a couple seconds of cold, before stepping into the tank. Doing so makes the water warm and inviting to the skin. Post-float shower, enjoy a hot shower – you’ll feel every drop of water from our 17″ rainfall shower heads. 

5. Just Breathe: One of the most effective tools for reaching a meditative state is to focus on your breathing. Use your body?s natural rhythm to maintain your calm and peacefulness; it is extremely helpful in preventing your mind from wandering. Time also passes faster when you don?t attempt to count the seconds. 

And remember: your first float may not be exactly what you expected going in. No matter what, take it as a learning experience and try to adjust some things for your next float. Keep an open mind and you will discovers benefits to floating that you never expected.

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