Frequently Asked Questions About Float Tanks

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What are the steps of a float session?

Arrive shortly before your scheduled float to review the process and give you time to ask questions.

In your private float room enjoy a relaxing rainfall shower before stepping into the float pod. Lay down atop the water as if you were laying face up on your bed. Escape into next level relaxation. After sixty minutes, soft music plays signaling the end of your float.

Carefully step out of the float pod, enjoy another shower before dressing and stepping back into the real world.

How is the water cleaned?

Levity’s three-tier filtration system refreshes the water multiple times before and after each float.

  • Level I: Oversized filtration shield with 175sf of surface area graded to less than 10 microns (1/10th of a human hair).
  • Level II: Zap potential microbes with a highly concentrated UV light (99.9999% effective).
  • Level III: A passive, liquid, and organic element that eradicates the potential of any germs.

When is the best time to float?

Early floats start your day with a wonderful boost of endorphins and floating in the evening prepares you for deep levels of sleep.

The deep meditative states, easing of aches and pains, and increased clarity are always present.

Will I feel claustrophobic?

Claustrophobia is subjective and should never be fully ruled out but guests report while in the tank – the opposite effect occurs. With no light, sound, or sense of the body – the space feels open and vast.

Is it safe to sleep in the tank?

Yes, guests often drift in and out of sleep while floating. This gives your mind and body a deep level of rest unachievable anywhere else. Sleeping guests are gently woken at the end of their session with ruffles of waves from the start of filtration system.

How often should I float?

Once a month is good, twice a month is better, and every week is best.

Is there a cumulative effect of using the tank on a regular basis?

Yes, with each float it?s easier to quiet the mind, manage incoming thoughts, and relax the body. Learning these skills deepen the level of comfort and relaxation experienced while floating.

What do I need to do to prepare for this experience?

Limit caffeine and food prior to your float. Eating before a float leads to hearing your food digest. Which is not relaxing or as interesting as you’d think.

Some guests enjoy focusing on specific ideas and thoughts. While others simply long for the peace and quiet of an hour alone. And many peacefully drift between the two. With both types of experiences be prepared to relax and feel physically amazing after your float.

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My first float experience was pretty epic and left me wanting another session. Trust me when I say, the fear you have about being alone with your own thoughts is just irrational fear. You want to be alone with your own thoughts. Without any distractions of the mind or body, you truly can process ideas and thoughts on a much deeper and engaging level. – Kyle Templin



The float tank experience at Levity is a restoration of the soul. Imagine the deepest meditation coupled with the weightlessness of outer space. The experience allowed my body to release deep tension, which felt at first like gentle release and later like waves of bliss. My mind became wide, expansive and still. It feels like dipping into the sea of clear consciousness and taking a refreshing gulp. Even now, nearly two hours later, the sensation of relaxation and open-sky mind is floating me through my day. The studio is absolutely beautiful, well kept and lovingly designed. The question is not ?Will I go back?? but ?When??- Joshua Clarke



By far the most relaxing thing I have ever done. Great environment. If you haven?t had the chance to float yet, DO IT! –Brooke Hunter



This is the most amazing little gem in Pittsburgh. –Neysha Arcelay



What an amazing experience, like nothing I?ve ever experienced before! – Lyndis Kenny-Howell

Browse through the FAQs below, or hear it straight from our guests!