Episode oo7 :: Zachary Rutter

Painter, Youtuber, and leader of the “Spread Love Army”, Zachary Rutter is a self-made artist making waves in the city of Pittsburgh.

In just a few short years Zac went from creating small paintings to entire murals for businesses. Zac’s most famous design is a heart made to look like a sun. This design is the flag of his loyal Spread Love Army. The Spread Love Movement and the Spread Love Army is a movement of people dedicated to bringing more love and positivity into the world. Zac has done this by organizing charity events around his art. Along with painting murals and leading a powerful movement, Zac has done art drops all over the world so people abroad can enjoy his work.

In this episode, we talk with Zac about how he got into art, being a successful entrepreneur, and how he uses art to make people feel love. Sit back, relax, and let’s floatcast ?✨?

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