How Good Can You Feel?

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The owner of Elements Float Studio, Kristine Sparrowhawk, recently shared with the the University of Alabama paper (The Crimson White) about her journey with floatings. A journey which started with a very serious neck injury. Dissatisfied with traditional methods of pain management, she decided to try floating:

?I broke my neck in 2008 and I was taking tons of medicine and getting injections, and I wanted to find something that was better for me because I was getting liver damage. I found floating on the Internet in Atlanta and drove over to try it. After my very first float, I could tell a difference the next day.? (Source)

If floating provided Kristine relief from the pain associated with a broken neck — image how good it could make you feel. One of the reasons for this relief is the unique zero gravity experience created by floating.

?Floating is the only time in your entire life that you can experience zero gravity unless you are an astronaut. So getting all the gravity off of your muscles and joints helps your entire body relax.? 

Stop wondering and start floating. Your future self will thank you.

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