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Body, Mind & Soul

After a visit to Levity, my mood is better, the burden of my daily stressors are softened significantly, and my mind is clear. – Nick Miller

Your Body

Without the constant pressure of gravity, all muscle groups are able to fully relax for the first time.

Physical tension decreases while the brain floods your body with natural feel good chemicals called endorphins.

Levity proudly hosts high school, collegiate, and professional athletes to aid in their post-work recovery.

Cameron, CMU Rugby

“Letting my mind relax after a workout and take a break from the world was wonderful.”Cameron, CMU Rugby

Your Mind

Every moment of the day our minds are tasked with responding to stimuli from at least nine senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, temperature, pain, balance, and body awareness.

With some scientist identifying as many as 21 senses, it’s no wonder our minds are left tired and uninspired.

Relieve your mind of this burden for for an hour to relax, recharge, and refresh.

Alexis E.

“I felt clear minded, relaxed, and happy.”Alexis E.

Your Soul

One of the most helpful benefits comes from the time given to oneself.

Limiting the input of sensory stimuli, the body and mind are able to recover. Allowing you time to reflect, heal, and refocus.

Levity proudly hosts meditative practitioners who enjoy the uninterrupted silence, and distraction free environment, of floating to reach deeper meditative states.

Bethann M.

“As someone who meditates often, it was a great way to reach a deeper level of tranquility.”Bethann M.

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